Visiting Artists

SCAD’s Painting Department provides students with opportunities to meet, discuss and critique art with art world professionals and notable artists.

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Art Critic Jerry Saltz visits with students during a Professional Practices in the Fine Arts class at the SCAD Museum of Arts.


Alexander Hall group critiques and studio visits with visiting artists.

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Michael Lin, April 17th, Alexander Hall Studios and SCAD Museum of Art

Michael Lin_image7 Michael Lin_image5 Michael Lin_Daniella_IMG_1893 Michael Lin_Nam Michael Lin_Sheng studio chat2IMG_1895 Michael Lin_in Allie's studioIMG_1888


Jonah Bokaer, PERFORMANCE, Feb. 21st, 7:30pm, SCAD Museum of Art

Whitney & Micah Stansell, Feb. 21st, Alexander Hall Studios

Jerry Saltz, Feb. 20th, 6pm, SCAD Museum of Art

Tim Rollins, Viviane Savinon & Damon Garstang, Feb. 20th, Alexander Hall Studios

Alfredo Jaar, Feb. 19th, 6pm, Trustees Theater

Jason Middlebrook & Tony Oricco, Feb. 19th, Alexander Hall Studios

Capucine Gros, Feb. 18th, Alexander Hall Studios

Theaster Gates, Feb. 18th, 5pm, SCAD Museum of Art

Tony Orrico, PERFORMANCE, Feb. 18th, 4-8pm SCAD Student Center

Nicola Lopez, SCREENING, Feb. 18th, SCAD Museum of Art

FALL 2013

Harumi Abe, Oct. 18th, 11am, Alexander Hall

Alex Prager, Oct. 17th, 5p.m, SCAD Museum of Art

Linda Cohn, Oct. 14th, 11am, Alexander Hall

Andrew Leventis, Oct. 10th, 11am, Alexander Hall

Ellen Gallagher, Oct. 4th, 5pm, SCAD Museum of Art

Ursula von Rydingsvard, Leonardo Drew and Diana Al-Hadid, Sept. 20th, 5pm SCAD Museum of Art


Satch Hoyt, Dario Robleto and Xaviera Simmons, June 28th, 5pm, SCAD Museum of Art and Alexander Hall Studios


Gary Stephan, Th May 3, 7:30 pm  SCAD Museum of Art.

Ridley Howard, Th May 17,  7:30 pm  SCAD Museum of Art.


Paul Bloodgood, Th Jan 19, 7:30 pm Alex Auditorium

Elizabeth Smith, Wed Feb 8, 7:30 pm Alex Auditorium

Erling Sjovold, Th Mar 1, 7:30 pm Alex Auditorium

Liza Lou, Tues Jan 17,  7:00 pm SCAD Museum of Art

Fred Wilson, Th Feb 23, 7:00 pm Trustees Theater

FALL 2011

Charles Adler (Kickstarter), Mon Sept 27, 7:30 pm Arnold Hall Auditorium

Dan Devening, Sept. 29, 7:30pm, Alexander Auditorium

Arthur diFuria, “Mere Wood and Stone,” Wed Oct.5, 6:30 pm Arnold Hall Auditorium

Michael Rooks, Nov. 3, 7:30pm, Alexander Auditorium

Wendy White, Nov., Alexander Auditorium


Mark Tucker, Vice Chair of Conservation and The Aronson Senior Conservator of Paintings at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Wednesday, 4/06, 6:30 pm

Phillip De Montebello, former director of the Met, Wednesday, 4/13, 7:00pm, Trustees Theater

Dominic Molon visiting curator talk, Thursday, 4/21, 7:30pm, Alexander Auditorium

Carrie Moyer visiting artist talk, Thursday, 4/28, 7:30pm, Alexander Auditorium

John Hull visiting artist talk,Wednesday, 5/04, 7:30 pm, Alexander Auditorium

Alfredo Jaar, Tuesday, 5/17, 6:30 pm, Arnold Hall

Artist, architect and filmmaker Alfredo Jaar will present his most recent projects realized around the world. Working across disciplines and in the public sphere, his works address specific emergency situations and confront them with creativity and poetry. Over the span of his impressive career, Jaar has created more than 60 public interventions around the world. His work has been documented in more than 50 monographic publications, and he became a Guggenheim Fellow in 1985 and a MacArthur Fellow in 2000. In 2006 he received Spain’s Premio Extremadura a la Creación.


Michael Scoggins (alumnus), 1/13, 7:30pm, Alexander Auditorium

Caomin Xie (MFA 2001 alumnus) “The Still Within” Friday, 1/14  5:30 pm, Gutstein Gallery

ARTH: Wayne Koestenbaum, “My 1980s and Other Meditations in an Emergency”, Wednesday, 1/19 6:30 pm, Arnold Auditorium

ARTH: Lawrence Nees, “Reading and Seeing”, Wednesday, 1/26, 6:30 pm, Arnold Auditorium

Carrie Moyer, 1/27, 7:30pm, Alexander Auditorium

Faith Ringgold, Monday, 1/31, 7:00pm, Trustees Theater

LIBA: Barry Schwartz “Decisions: The Paradox of Choice”, Thursday, 2/10, 7 pm, Arnold Auditorium

deFine: Sara Thornton, “Seven Days in the Art World”, Tuesday, 2/22, 7:00pm, Arnold Auditorium

deFine: Gary Tinterow, curator the Met, Wednesday, 2/23, 7:00pm, Arnold Auditorium

deFine: Sarah Lewis, independent curator, Thursday, 2/24, 7:00pm

deFine: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Friday, 2/25, 2:00pm, Arnold Hall Auditorium

deFine: Marina Abramovic, Friday, 2/25, 7:00pm, Trustees Theater

Andreas Kocks, Friday, 3/4, 5:30pm , Pei Ling Chan Gallery

Rachel Liebowitz, Friday, 3/4, 5 pm, , Alexander Auditorium

Timothy Callaghan – Nov 11, 2010 7:30 pm, Alexander Auditorium

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