Saftey Rules for Wood Shop


1. No student is allowed access to the shop without a shop monitor present and you will need your school ID.

2. Student’s entering the shop must have a safety release form on file.

3. No food or drink allowed inside the shop.

4. Cell phones, I-pods, headsets, laptops, kindles, etc. are not allowed in the shop. If you need to make a call step outside the shop.

5.  No joking around or running in the shop.

6. Remove coats or jackets, scarves, jewelry and pull back long hair.

7. Must wear closed toe shoes. No slippers or high heels.

8. Always wear safety glasses (on your eyes) when working in the shop.

9. Contact lenses are not recommended while in the shop.

10. Never operate a machine when you are tired or ill.

11. Leave the safety guards in place.

12. Use appropriate push sticks, feather boards or other safety devices. Some operation may require the use of a special jig.

13. Keep the machines working surfaces clear of tools, supplies and projects.

14. Clean up after yourself. Put all tools back where you found them, pick-up scraps, sweep-up debris (including sweeping the floor where you worked).

15. The operator of a machine always has the right-of-way.

16. Allow the machine to reach its full speed before cutting the wood. Do not start the machine with the wood touching the blade.

17. Keep your hands in the appropriate safe distance from the working parts of the too. Example: blades, drill bits, tip of nail brad gun, etc.

18. Do not force a cut. If a machine is dull, out of adjustment, does not seem to be working properly, stop working and immediately inform the shop monitor or shop supervisor.

19. Only one person should be operating a machine at a time.

20. Wait for the machine to come to a full stop before making any adjustments.

21. The shop is not responsible for any materials/projects left unattended. Any materials or projects left behind without shop supervisors approval will be discarded at the end of the day.

If you are unsure of what the above rule means, or if you are operating a machine safely, or just have a question in general, please ask the shop monitor or shop supervisor for help. If they are not in the wood shop, check room 115.

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