New York City Residency


Since June 2001, the college has rented a Manhattan studio in close proximity to the city’s primary gallery districts for use by one SCAD graduate or advanced undergraduate painting student during each of four academic quarters. Students must be registered for two classes during the residency: an internship and an independent study or other course (such as an eLearning course). Studio residents must host an Open Studio (for reference, view Jon Seals’ Winter 2012 Open Studio).


Applications from SCAD graduate and advanced undergraduate paintings students are reviewed by faculty once each year (typically in February). For more information, contact the painting department administrative assistant (912-525-6405).

Applications are received only in digital form; either as an email attachment as a CD.

A complete application is comprised of 1) the completed, signed application form (editable PDF); 2) resume , 3) current unofficial transcript and/or CAPP report, 4) project proposal, and 5) 10 to 20 JPG images that related to the project proposal.  For more information, contact the painting department administrative assistant (912-525-6405).

The dates of each quarter long residency are as follows:

Summer 2012 — June 25-Aug 30

Fall 2012 — Sept 10-Nov 19

Winter 2013 — Jan 7-Mar 14

Spring 2013 — Mar 25-May 30

The studio is located at 323 West 39th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues. The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Program, a professional community of 80 artists, is based in the same building; the EFA Studio Program is separate from SCAD’s New York City Workspace Residency. The studio is served by key-access passenger and freight elevators, and provides shared restroom facilities, wash sinks, and common areas equipped with coffee maker, sink, refrigerator, and microwave oven. The studio has an 11′ ceiling, a phone line, several electric outlets, windows on one wall, and individual ventilation and air conditioning. The building is heated by steam radiators. Access to the studios is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Large or heavy items and work involving high noise levels or fire risk cannot be accommodated for practical reasons. Residency participants are strictly prohibited from living in the studio.

Residents must cover all travel expenses, tuition, room and board, as well as all associated expenses (transportation within the city, materials, health insurance, cell phone, etc.). Studio rent (several thousand dollars each term), and studio utilities (heat, air-conditioning, electricity) are covered by the college.


Spring 2014 – Brandon Woods (SAV), internship with Pierogi Gallery

Winter 2014 – Srinjoy Gangopadhyay (ATL)

Fall 2013 – Alessandra Hosher (SAV), internship with Mixed Green’s Gallery

Summer 2013 – Bill Singer (SAV), internship with Cleopatra’s Gallery in Greenpoint and Gavin Brown’s Enterprise

Spring 2013 – Sausan Saulat (ATL)

Winter 2013 – Kalin Allen (SAV), internship with Cleopatra’s Gallery in Greenpoint

Fall 2012 – Ma Nong (Wan Hung Sun) (SAV), internship with Paul Bloodgood – assistant

Summer 2012 –Honor Bowman (SAV), Elizabeth Neel – studio assistant, and Cleopatra’s Gallery in Greenpoint

Winter 2012   Jon Seals  MFA residency blog, internship at Bridgegallery   Jon’s Open Studio video

Fall 2011   Capucine Gros BFA residency blog, internship at Lombard-Freid Gallery

Summer 2011 Jaclynn Benner BFA, residency blog, internship at Triangle Arts Workshop

Spring 2011 Alexa Hade BFA, residency blog, internship at Forum Gallery

Winter 2011 Rachel Fainter MFA, residency blog

Fall 2010 Anna Collazo MFA, residency blog Clemente Soto Velez internship site

Summer 2010 Rachel Evans MFA, residency blog, Internship at David Zwirner,

Spring 2010 Kim Salinas MFA, residency blog, Internship at Pierogi

Winter 2010 Lacey Barger MFA, Internship at Pierogi

Fall 2009 Nora Mulheren MFA, Internship at Creative Time

Summer 2009 Jonathan Terranova MFA (SCAD-Atlanta),

Spring 2009 Gyun Hur MFA, Hudgens Prize recipient 2010 (SCAD-Atlanta)

Winter 2009 Masumi Nyui MFA, Internship at Pierogi and with studio artists

Fall 2008 Yi-Shin Tzeng MFA (SCAD-Atlanta)

Summer 2008 Yana Dimitrova (SCAD-Atlanta)

Spring 2008 Whitney Stansell (SCAD-Atlanta)

Winter 2008 Akira Horikawa MFA

Fall 2007 Charles Clary MFA Internship at Pierogi

Summer 2007 Blanche Nettles-Powers MFA, Internship at Kim Foster Gallery

Spring 2007 Tony Showah (SCAD-Atlanta) MFA, Internship at Olaf Breuning & Oscar Oiwa

Winter 2007 Mary Czekalinski MFA, Internship at Triangle Arts

Fall 2006 David Kurt MFA, Internship at Triangle Arts

Summer 2006 Jessie Boone MFA, Internship at Pierogi

Spring 2006 Jeffrey Tackett MFA, P.S.1 MoMA

Winter 2006 Susan Murrell MFA, 303 Gallery

Fall 2005 Joel Joneintz MFA,DUMBO Arts Center

Summer 2005
Jason Kofke MFA, Triangle Arts

Spring 2005 Alex Young MFA, GreenNaftali Gallery

Winter 2005 Gena Brodie MFA, Exit Art

Fall 2004 Dave Marcet MFA, Internships at Triangle Arts and Pierogi

Summer 2004
Sarah Walko MFA, Triangle Arts and P.S. 1

Spring 2004 Tarin Eicher MFA, Triangle Arts and RARE Gallery

Winter 2004 Jessica Schnebel MFA, Joyce Tenneson and PaceWildenstein Gallery

Fall 2003 Monica James MFA, Exit Art

Summer 2003 Woody Weber MFA, PaceWildenstein Gallery

Spring 2003 Jason Hackenwerth MFA, Mary Boone and Robert Steele Gallery

Winter 2003 Boricua Reviera MFA, Independent study

Fall 2002 Shane Moore MFA, Internships at Artists Space and Marvel Comics

Summer 2002 Kiril Jelaizkov MFA, Independent study

Spring 2002 Stone Hseih MFA, Intersnhip at Sears-Peyton Gallery and Ying Ju Lai MFA, Internship at Alexander Gallery

Winter 2002 Chris Stevens BFA, Internship at Artlink

Fall 2001 Joshua Lynn BFA, Internship at The Center for Book Arts

Summer 2001 Karim Ghidinelli MFA, Internship at Artlink

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