Lacoste Campus

SCAD Lacoste

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During at least one quarter each year, a professor from the painting program is in residence at SCAD Lacoste. Courses vary each term and may be offered in painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, film and television, photography, digital imaging, historic preservation, performing arts, art history, architecture, liberal arts, French language and culture, and other topics. Courses are taught in English. Full degree programs are not offered at Lacoste.

Summer 2014         Professor Gregory Eltringham

Fall 2013                  Professor Jason Holelscher > SCAD Lacoste Fall 2013 blog

Fall 2012                  Professor Sandra Reed

Summer 2011         Professor Todd Schroeder  >  SCAD Lacoste Summer 2011 blog

Summer 2010         Professor Natalija Mijatovic

Summer 2009         Professor Greg Eltringham

Winter 2009             Professor Craig Drennen

Summer 2008          Professor Laura Mosquera

Winter 2008             Professor Todd Schroeder

Summer 2007          Professor Larry Anderson (SCAD ATL)

Summer 2006          Professor Greg Eltringham

Winter 2005              Professor Linda Cohen

Summer 2004           Professor Josh Yu

Winter 2004              Professor Denise Carson

Summer 2003           Professor Steve Knudsen

Winter 2003              Professor Craig Drennen

Summer 2002           Professor Sandra Reed

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