Awards and Recognition


There are a variety of awards given to graduate students at SCAD. Some are college-wide competitions, and others are based in the painting department. Past recipients of recurring graduate awards are listed below. For NYC Residency and China Residency recipient lists, please refer to these blog pages.

Outstanding Achievement in Painting (only graduate students who attend graduation are eligible)


Graduate Encore Award (outstanding thesis exhibition recognition)

2010-2011:     Alexandra Charmaine Ortiz (MFA Painting – SAV), and Brendan Kingsley (MFA PHOT – SAV)

2009-2010:    Bai Yang Qiu (MFA MTJW -SAV); Lucha Rodriguez (MFA PRMK – ATL)

2008-2009:  Adin R. Murray (MFA Painting – SAV), Meg Aubrey (MFA Painting – ATL)


Painting Department Nominees for the Graduate Thesis Document Award (recognition of outstanding thesis paper)

Calendar Year 2011     Carrie E. Johnson

Calendar Year 2011     Salwa Aleryani, “With Certain Houses” (thesis chair Natalija Mijatovic)

Calendar Year 2010    Erin Valentine (thesis chair Stephen Knudsen)

Calendar Year 2009   Janet Onofrey, (thesis chair Craig Drennen)

Calendar Year 2008   Torrey Stifel, “Create to Control” (thesis chair Morgan Santander)

Calendar Year 2008   Michelle Berg Radford, “The Protestant Landscape” (thesis chair Stephen Knudsen)

Calendar Year 2007    Brienna McLaughlin, “Betta” (thesis chair Sandra Reed)

Calendar Year 2006    Patrick McGrath Muniz,” iConsumer icons for a consumerist postcolonial age” (thesis chair Morgan Santander)

Calendar Year 2006    Susan Murrell “contrive + classify”(thesis chair Suzanne Jackson)

Calendar Year 2006     Alexis Terry “e.qui.poise” (thesis chair Craig Drennen)



2012 Outstanding Achievement in Painting:  Othiana Roffiel (Mexico) and Capucine Gros


2012 Juried Senior Painting Exhibition

Graduating Seniors Juried Painting Exhibition reception

Sun 05/27/2012 5-7 pm Alexander 2nd floor

From Professor Roger Mark Walton: “The SCAD Painting Department is having their Juried Exhibition for undergraduate painters who are graduating in the calender year 2011 – 2012. Professors Suzanne Jackson and Josh Yu were this year’s jurors. The dates for the exhibition are Saturday, May 12 to Wednesday, May 30. The exhibition is on the second floor of Alexander Hall. Thousands of dollars in prizes are awarded. There will be a Reception and an Awards Presentation on Sunday, May 27  from 5 to 7.”

The works featured received awards as follows:
Best of Show – Adriana Arciniegas  ”Fixation”  $2,000. award
Second Place – Susanna Johnson  ”untitled”  $1,000.  awardHonorable Mentions :Brigid Russell  ”I am an American Soldier” $500.  awardScott Welsh  ”Am I Beautiful ?”  $500.  awardAdam Gabriel Winnie  ”One and Six Chairs”  $500.  award

Kirsten M. Gould  ”Cotton I”  $300.  award

Travis Lee Grant  ”Manchester”  $300.  award

Thanks to senior painter Susanna Johnson for the poster design!

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