Exhibition: ‘Unearth’ | 5.25.2019 | 7:30pm-10pm | Savannah, GA

Unearth is an outdoor installation that explores techno ecology. The artist Sarah Rostamo utilizes technology to examine and abstract the hidden structures and processes within nature, and marry the digital and organic. The art focuses specifically on Cymatics, or the effects of vibrations on matter, through the creation of a unique soundscape that births, molds and
nurtures new life forms. The installation includes video projection, sound, lights, and sculpture that further address the thoughtful implementation of technology to transform the landscape. The event aims to incite the investigation of information, as well as facilitate progressive and beautiful interactions between humans, nature, and technology.

Sarah Rostamo is a multimedia artist from Dallas, TX who lives and works in Savannah, GA. She will receive her B.F.A. in painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design in spring 2019. Her work involves a playful approach to the scientific method, culminating in biomorphic, surreal pieces that abstractly reference living organisms. She works under the pseudonym Starsap Spider, and her art is currently focused in video, sound, sculpture, and installation.

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