Hanting Zhang | M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition | ‘HERO!’ | 4.19.2019 | 6-9pm | Savannah, GA

SCAD presents “HERO!,” an M.F.A. thesis exhibition by Hanting Zhang (M.F.A. painting). The artist’s recent body of work is a series of portraits showing superheroes pulled from popular culture. Zhang appropriates Western classic hero images and positions them in the context of the ancient East, alluding to current Eastern political issues by depicting his subjects in official traditional Chinese uniforms.

Reception: Friday, April 19, 6–9 p.m.
Exhibition: Friday, April 19 – Friday, May 3
Alexander Hall Gallery
668 Indian St.
Savannah, GA

The artist works with the archetype of the hero as a beacon to guide and inspire communities, a concept that exists in different cultures, races and countries. He uses traditional Chinese painting techniques and materials, while simultaneously depicting faces from contemporary Western popular culture, building an artistic bridge between the East and West. Zhang integrates different cultural elements to show the power of heroes in new and dynamic forms. These classic heroic faces not only represent recognizable characters, but also explore moral values of bravery and justice.

Zhang was born in 1989, in Shenyang, China, and he earned a B.F.A. in painting from Beijing Language and Culture University in China. Zhang has worked in several painting studios and studied with accomplished artists. Working mainly with the human figure and portraiture, Zhang has participated in various group exhibitions in Savannah and Beijing. Currently, he focuses on a series of political artworks.

The exhibition and reception are free and open to the public.

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