Exhibition: ‘Exposed: Heather Norman’ | 4.13.2018 | 6-8pm | Olgethorpe Gallery | Savannah, GA

Heather Norman: A Solo Show
April 13th – April 22nd Reception: Friday, April 13th, 6-8 pm

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.59.26 AM

Heather Norman’s solo exhibition, EXPOSED, is comprised of multi media artworks created to raise awareness about anxiety, depression, and mental illness. 21.5% of teens, ages 12-18, struggle with anxiety and depression. Heather makes it her mission to bring more positive attention to this topic rather than the stereotypes that are typically associated with Mental Illness. EXPOSED is informed by statistics, coping mechanisms, and even success stories of influential figures that once struggled with mental illness. 20% of each sale is donated to childmind.org, an online organization operated by parents, educators, advocates and policymakers who are all passionate about helping children who struggle with mental health and learning disorders.

Oglethorpe Gallery
406 E Oglethorpe Ave, Savannah, GA 31401
The gallery is open by appointment and for defined hours during exhibitions. http://oglethorpegallery.com/about.html
Phone: (850) 723-4922

For more information about the artist: www.heathernormanart.com

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