deFINE Art Schedule of Events | 2.20.2018- 2.22.2018 | Savannah, GA

An annual program of exhibitions, lectures and performances

SCAD presents the ninth edition of deFINE ART, featuring internationally known immersive multimedia artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller as honorees. Taking place Feb. 20-23, 2018, at university locations in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia, and Hong Kong, deFINE ART highlights emerging and established artists and visionaries.

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Join the SCAD Museum of Art for a public performance by artist Pia Camil featuring her most recent, monumental work “Fade Into Black.” Specially commissioned by the SCAD Museum of Art, this installation is the latest and largest iteration of her ongoing interest in T-shirts as repositories of cultural information. The artwork is one colossal mass made of more than 1,000 repurposed T-shirts stitched together where it hangs from the ceiling as a soft sculptural work. Camil will lead a public, participatory performance in Forsyth Park to kick off SCAD deFINE ART 2018, in which onlookers and volunteers will collectively wear the garment, generating a moment of togetherness. Accompanied by the SCAD Drumline, the walk provides a unique opportunity to be part of an artistic performance that celebrates diversity.

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Join SCAD and internationally esteemed artists for an evening celebrating a new set of exhibitions exclusively curated for the ninth edition of SCAD deFINE ART. Explore “Two Works” by honorees Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, as well as other solo exhibitions by visionary artists including Tom Burr, Pia Camil, Mariana Castillo Deball, Christopher Chiappa, Yang Fudong, Toyin Ojih Odutola, Paola Pivi, Melissa Spitz and Lily van der Stokker.

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Join us for a commissioned presentation in which exhibiting artists and cultural agents present unique perspectives on a series of six images. Participants are prompted to react to questions of humanity, vulnerability, non-humanity, objecthood, domesticity and intimacy, subjects prevalent throughout SCAD deFINE ART 2018 exhibitions. This dynamic format displays a spectrum of contemporary voices speaking about relevant issues from unique and multicultural perspectives. Speakers include artists Tom Burr, Pia Camil, Mariana Castillo Deball, Christopher Chiappa, JC Fennel, Paola Pivi, Sara Rabinowitz, Melissa Spitz and Wendy White, writer and curator Justine Ludwig and Humberto Moro, curator of SCAD Exhibitions.

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SCAD presents the deFINE ART 2018 keynote lecture by honorees Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller. Their exhibition is on view at the SCAD Museum of Art, Tuesday, Feb. 20, through Sunday, July 8, 2018. Cardiff and Miller are internationally known for their immersive multimedia sound installations and innovative audio and video walks. Their SCAD Museum of Art exhibition includes two major installations, “Opera for a Small Room” and “Experiment in F# Minor.” These works are examples of the duo’s collaborative practice and their interest in creating emotive, transformational experiences for audiences through theatrically charged environments and evocative, layered soundscapes. The artists live and work in Grindrod, British Columbia, Canada.

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Join us for a reception at Gutstein Gallery celebrating “Alter Ego,” a group exhibition that offers diverse approaches to the broad theme of the artist’s alter ego. The exhibition features a mural, video, painting, photography, digital composition and performance. The works follow a rich history of artistic persona, but offer fresh approaches that critique or celebrate notions of celebrity, commodity culture, reality and fiction. The reception for “Alter Ego” includes a performance, “Any Day Now (Love Will Let Me Down)” by Glitter Chariot, a performance art group that uses character costumes and elaborate stage settings to explore the emotional extremes of relationships. Featuring work by Artists Jaimie Warren, Chuck Carbia (SCAD foundation studies professor), Shamus Clisset, Shana Moulton, SCAD alumnus Bin Feng (M.F.A., photography, 2017), Vanessa Platacis (SCAD painting professor), Adam Novak and Casey Roberts. “Alter Ego” is curated by Ben Tollefson, assistant curator of SCAD exhibitions, and Amanda York.

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Join us for to a gallery talk with several artists whose work is exhibited in “Alter Ego,” including SCAD foundation studies professor Chuck Carbia, SCAD alumnus Bin Feng (M.F.A., photography, 2017) and SCAD painting professor Vanessa Platacis, moderated by Ben Tollefson, assistant curator of SCAD exhibitions. Explore the artist’s unique approaches to the theme of the artist’s alter ego. Attendees will hear about the career of PIXNIT, Platacis’ alter ego, and her site-specific mural, commissioned for the exhibition; Feng will elaborate on his Pin Man, a costumed persona donning hundreds of novelty pins; Carbia will expound upon his performance art collective Glitter Chariot and its influence on his delicate watercolor paintings.

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Join us for insights into the fascinating, global curatorial practice of Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, co-founders of Art Reoriented, a multidisciplinary curatorial platform based in Munich, Germany and New York, New York, as they speak in depth about recent projects, such as international group exhibition “Ways of Seeing.” The presentation also covers how their practice embraces cultural diversity and global artistic practices as well as how they adapt curatorial methodology and content to fit different institutional and cultural contexts.

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