Artist Talk: Mary Lacy | 2.9.2017 | 5pm | Alexander Hall Auditorium | Savannah, GA

Mary Lacy will discuss her practice as a muralist and community artist TODAY at 5:00 p.m. in the Alexander Hall Auditorium. Light refreshments will be served in the gallery following her talk.

“In 2015 I bought a bucket van with a 32 foot boom. In September of 2016, I will drive it across the country on a mural tour to ten cities. I am working with artists, arts organizations, and other community organizers to find walls to paint. I will design the murals on-site, taking direct inspiration from the areas’ surrounding and natural environment.”

For regular updates, follow @mary_lacy on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 10.53.37 AM.png

New York City – Broadway between 151st and 152nd. One mural for the many with the Audubon Mural Project, a collaboration between the National Audubon Society and Gitler&____ Gallery.

For more information about the artist:

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