EVENT: 2016 Sidewalk Arts Festival | 4.23.2016 | Forsyth Park | Savannah, GA

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.44.53 PM

The paved walkways of Savannah’s scenic Forsyth Park spring to life at the 35th annual SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival. SCAD students, alumni and high school students create colorful chalk masterpieces and compete for coveted prizes in this tradition that’s nearly as old as the university itself.

Open-air art gallery

The sidewalk artists represent many areas of study offered by SCAD, producing a diverse spectrum of chalk art inspired by distinct styles, backgrounds, interests, cultures and disciplines. See artwork from previous years.

With its chalk art masterpieces and great music and food, Sidewalk Arts Festival is a perfect event for all ages.

Pictures come to life

Experience the art of tableaux vivants — or “living pictures” — at this year’s festival. In this type of display, actors and models depict a scene while remaining silent and motionless, as if in a picture. Particular emphasis is placed on staging, pose, costume, makeup, lighting and facial expression. SCAD staff, faculty and students create the Sidewalk Arts Festival tableau vivants.

Share your experience and follow the action with #scadchalk

For more information: SCAD Family and Alumni Weekend


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