Exhibition | ‘Orientation’ | 3.11.2016 |6-9pm | Non-Fiction Gallery | Savannah, GA

ORIENTATION: A Two-Person Exhibition

Date: Friday, 11th March – Monday, 14th March 2016
Venue: Non-Fiction Gallery, 1522 Bull St, Savannah GA 31401

Opening Reception: Friday March 11th, 2016, 6-9pm

Gallery Hours: Saturday and Monday 1-5 PM

Non-Fiction Gallery is pleased to present Orientation, the first two-person exhibition of Indonesian artist Novita Permatasari  (b.1993) and South Korean artist Sua Han (b.1990) on March 11-14, 2016. The exhibition will showcase the works of the individual artists as well as their collaborative work that question the cultural, lingual, and temporal boundaries from which we take a step toward unexpected. The question is further explored through various medi- ums such as painting, video projection, and installation.


In conjunction with the individual works of the artists, the artists will also feature collaborative work; a Fish: passport project, where passports of each existing country remaps the world. While the placement of each passport follows the respective location of countries, due to the identical size, the installation visualizes a new perception towards the world map. By virtue of the installation’s form, material, and resonance, Han and Permatasari elevate the common- alities and reorient their meaning beyond the ordinary towards the other possible world dimensions.

The detachment from the ordinary caused by the sudden realization of foreignness and incongruity of daily life is observed through Korean artist Sua Han’s works. Doubting the existence of the boundary between the world of mis- interpretation and the opposite, Han deconstructs and unites these elements, perceiving them as connected parts of a living organism which is being continuously reshaped. While her works range from painting to video installation, ordinary subjects play a central role in search and rediscovery of the extraordinariness of ordinary.

Exploring the idea of heritage preservation, while fleshing out the academic-driven element of such associations, Indonesian artist Novita Permatasari’s work spans a range of media including paintings, and animation. Central to her work is an ongoing fascination with the act of finding ‘home’ in landscapes, objectifying organisms, as well as the complex workings of human emotion through ritual and cultural values. Intuitive yet methodically execut- ed, Permatasari’s work utilizes patterns to elicit particular feelings or moods to convey the cognitive and conscious thought. Neither taking exact patterns from Indonesia nor Chinese, the viewer is presented with an amalgamation of her impressions and recollections, which uninhabited recall some distant culture associations.

ORIENTATION Video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApoIO2Qk_g4

ORIENTATION Exhibition Website: www.orientation-2016.weebly.com


Warm Regards, Sua Han and Novita Permatasari,  2016, Canvas, string, hanger, 45 x 43 15 in

Sua Han (b.1990, South Korea) will receive a BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savan- nah, GA in 2016. She was awarded Best in the Show in her first group exhibition, First Take, that took place at Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong. Han also exhibited her work internationally in group exhibitions across Hong Kong, France and United States. Currently, Han lives in Savannah, GA, continuously making work.

Sua Han’s Artist Website: www.hansua.com

Novita Permatasari (b. 1993, Jakarta, Indonesia) will receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts of Painting with a minor in Draw- ing from the Savannah College of Art and Design Hong Kong in June 2016. She has exhibited internationally in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and United States including shows at United Overseas Bank (UOB) Plaza, Indonesia, and Pilchuck Campus Gallery, Seattle WA. She is currently living and working in Savannah, GA.

Novita Permatasari’s Artist Website: www.novitapermatasari.com


Non-Fiction Gallery is a program of Art Rise Savannah. Art Rise Savannah’s mission is to build the creative economy Savannah deserves by supporting the value of art and providing creative and financial opportunities to local artists. Art Rise Savannah was established in 2013 in response to a need for an arts organization to begin leading the conver- sation and effort to promote and propel the local art community in Savannah, GA.


Non-Fiction Gallery: www.nonfictiongallery.com

(912) 376 9953

1522 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401

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