Jasmine A. Ware | MFA Thesis Exhibition | 5.22.2015 | 6-9pm

Graduate student Jasmine A. Ware, presents Breaking the White Wall, an MFA thesis exhibition that features mixed media painting and object work. The exhibition will take place from May 22th- May 28th, 2015 at The One 15 (Eden Village Church), located at 115 E. Lathrop Ave, Savannah, GA 31415. The opening reception will be held on May 22th from 6-9pm and is free and open to the public, with refreshments.

Breaking the White Wall is an exhibition that employs an unorthodox approach to paint application, traversing the line between organic and inorganic materials and methods. Working through nonobjective paint pours on exposed wood grain panels; this exhibition plays on visual and literal surface textures, through painting and hand-dipped objects.

Show card Front 300DPIShowcard Back 300dpi

For more information about the artist: Jasmineaware.com

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